Subway Diet

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The name Subway Diet seems a bit puzzling to the common reader, but it is certainly a twister in it’s own way! Also Subway Diets have a great story behind them. It’s a popular story about a college student named Jared Fogle, who weighed around 410 pounds. He, Jared Fogle, one day noticed an advertisement in Subway about low fat subs. He followed the idea and the meals really helped him drastically.

This was the story about Subway diet. Now looking at the facts about Subway diets. The key idea is a good selection of low-calorie subs that can comprise a person’s lunch, frequent snacks during even weight loss plans in order to reduce junk food intake and dinner. However only the subs are not sufficient. People need to include vegetables and fruits, for instance, to supplement the Subway diet and make it complete.

Whatever be the success story and facts about the Subway diets, they are not very wonderful, and are not a great deal to cut in a weight loss plan or health diet program. The only fact that proved it is that Subway diets are not properly planned and are the least scientific of all diets. Neither does the Subway diet plan follow any calorie-measured path. Thus it is an intuition-based program that can cause a lot of problems with people with diseases such as heart problems and diabetes, which really need a specialized and properly planned diet and not just Subway diet.

Subway diets are good to follow casually, but if followed seriously them they should be properly supplemented with other foods to provide the correct calorific intake a human body requires. Otherwise the Subway diet instead of helping weight loss plan would cause a person to lose strength and energy. Hence no fruitful results would come out of the Subway diets in any way.


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