Mediterranean Diet

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The reason why the Mediterranean Diets are being so popular is because research reveals that the people of the Mediterranean live the longest of lives! Starting from Italy, Crete, Spain to France. The imperative portions of the Mediterranean Diets are perhaps the spectral blend of a variety of component foods like lofty quantities of cereals, olive oils, dry fruits, garlic, herbs and also sea food. Poultry is also included in the Mediterranean Diet more often than red meat; also Wine is moderate component of the Mediterranean Diet. In total the Mediterranean Diet is a different mixture of nutrient foods.

The Mediterranean Region covers 3 continents with above 17 countries and for years all these countries have had their influences upon the Mediterranean Diet whose age old recipes are a stupendous mingle of all the cultures of these countries. From Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Egypt and Arabia all with different ways of living and thinking have contributed to the making of this great Mediterranean Diet that outshines all other diets in it’s diversity. The Arabs brought the richness of spices to the Mediterranean Diet. They also added the Mediterranean Diet with nuts, saffron, rice and fruits. Taking a closer look at the Mediterranean Diet, it can be observed that this diet is a perfect and wholesome natural diet without the dependency upon manufactured foods.

The followers of the Mediterranean Diet, on principle, take reduced amounts of saturated fats and whatever fats the Mediterranean Diet provides the body with are monounsaturated in nature that primarily does not elevate cholesterol levels in the blood. Thus Mediterranean Diets have the miracle of reducing the rates of heart diseases and subsequent death rates. The credit to this can be partially admitted to the Mediterranean Diet without dispute.

The consumption of the so called monounsaturated fats, fruits, dry fruits and high quantities of cereals makes the Mediterranean Diet a good plan to supply the human body with essential nutrients, vitamins and no foul components and thereby the Mediterranean Diet prevents diseases very efficiently. However not enough is known whether these goods are only due to the Mediterranean Diet or due to the climatic factors and lifestyles of the Mediterranean Countries too, and to what extent.

Thus the Mediterranean Diet is not officially suggested very often as much of the research still lays ahead, however there no denying that the Mediterranean Diet does have some good effects. Hence the Mediterranean Diet remains to enthrall people around the world with the wonders it can do to the human race.


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