Liquid Diet

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Surplus is detrimental for good health…so is it the case for food. This is the reason why people tend to take breaks from the habitual diet they take. Such a diet is the liquid diet plan. The liquid diet acts as a cleansing one that relieves the body from its typical eating foray. The liquid diet is basically a diet consisting of the juicy fruits along with green vegetables salads. This highly reduces the junk food intake and the liquid diet supplies only the bare indispensables for the body only. During a diet, such as a liquid diet, the cells of the human body rely for energy upon the stored fats in the body instead seeking of seeking it from the food intake. This way the excess fat or weight of the body gets used up and lost during a liquid diet.

The liquid diet is an archetypal meal proxy diet that substitutes junk snacks and heavy meals with nutritious liquids like shakes made from sugar, skimmed milk powder, fiber, vitamins, minerals and sweetener perhaps. All these essential components named just now, are but nutrition that the human body requires for proper functioning. Thus when during a liquid diet there is abstinence from usual food habits these essentials is supplied in this manner. The Liquid Diets do not have any so-called strict instructions regarding what food to take, and what not. But these are the above stated basic criteria, which needs to be adhered to, the rest remains liberal. Thus there is complete independence in a Liquid Diet and everyone can mould it in his or her own manner.

Looking at the Liquid Diets, generally two meals and one snack are replaces, per day, with one liquid drink or a shake. Conventionally every drink or shake holds about 210 calories and up to 4 grams of fat. A wholesome meal that follows this contains around 590 calories and comprises a drink or shake along with some green vegetables and fresh fruits. These are but mere general calculations and minute deviations are possible, keeping in mind that the values are not grossly overshot. Thus the total calorie intake throughout the day is restricted to 1150 calories to 1200 calories in an effective Liquid Diet plan.

Following this Liquid Diet plan is not very difficult also, as all the major ingredients and components of this Liquid Diet are available in every market or shop. Thus any interested person can follow this diet plan. The only problem with this Liquid Diet is that no Liquid Diet can provide effective weight loss without the eating habit of solid foods that provide the real energy to the human body even in the time of weight loss, because weight loss is not necessarily to get weak or lose energy.
Thus Liquid Diets need to be necessarily of short duration and must help a person achieve good health, but they can never become a long-term diet. However this hardly matter anything, because the Liquid Diets although in short phrase can do the magic and miracle that a man needs for good weight control and achieve a great health.


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