Extremely Low Calorie Diet

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A Low Calorie Diet is pretty straight forward. You are to consume as little as 450 calories per day! Imagine having energy with that few calories. It just isn’t going to happen.

It is hard to lose weight permanately on a low calorie diet. Reducing calorie intake up to one third, without altering the types of foods consumed will cause your metabolism to slow down proportionately, making it more difficult to burn the calories consumed on a low calie diet.

Staying on such a low calorie diet can cause you to reach a weight loss plateau, which may then lead to frustration and overeating. Low calorie diets usual lead to hunger and the feeling of deprivation, with failure to continue the dieting. The consequent weight gain then leads to feelings of guilt for not having had the willpower to continue the low calorie diet.

A low calorie diet is not entirely bad, but should be montitored and controlled. Low calorie diets do work and can be healthy if done correctly. A good source for a relatively low calorie approach can be found by clicking here.

Diet Zone Staff: A low calorie diet can be very beneficial, but should be done in a controlled manor. If done incorrectly they can be very bad and lead to future weight gain rather than permanent weight loss.


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